Our Commitment to advancing your company through healthy employees:

Employees who are engaged, empowered and given the resources to take personal responsibility for their own health and safety can transform a business. Our Injury Prevention Systems encompass a broad experience in Ergonomics and an expertise in the Sports Medicine Field that has delivered continuous and proven results of improving employee health and safety with a positive return on investment toward a company’s bottom line.

If are interested in pursuing a career with a fast growing company that is dedicated to providing quality services and programs contact PRO FIT Solutions Inc. Exercise Science majors, Personal Trainers, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, and Chiropractors.

PRO FIT Solutions is also seeking motivated and energetic individuals with back grounds in business management, marketing, product development and computer related skills for business opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming an investor in PRO FIT Solutions or would like a prospective on future PRO FIT Solution products, services and programs, please contact PRO FIT Solutions Inc.

Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders are a leading cause of increased health care costs, insurance premiums and worker compensation claims while indirectly effecting absenteeism, productivity, retention, culture, and employee morale. (The Occupational Safety and Health Association, OSHA)

The Right Solution

Employees play a significant role in the success of any business and the efforts in keeping employees engaged and empowered can become challenging if those employees are experiencing discomfort and pain. Too often, busy EHS, Human Resources or Facilities personnel are given the responsibility for responding to these type of requests or concerns with little to no training other than general ergonomic guidelines or first aid procedures.

PRO FIT Solutions has the experience, expertise and knowledge to recognize the early warning signs of WMSD’s and implement the most cost effective and relevant interventions solutions that leverage your safety personnel’s time most effectually. PRO FIT’s Injury Prevention and WMDS recognition systems focus on employee education and involvement, approaching each company, each concerns and each employee as unique and as specific as they are.

Our Founder

mikeGMike Gee began his career in Sports Medicine as a Certified Athletic Trainer at the University of New York at Buffalo and continued his pursuit in the allied health field at Health South Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Clinic in Denver Colorado.   He attended Fresno State as a Graduate assistant when we quickly discovered his true passion was working with the tougher cases including overuse and spine injuries. He soon afterwards filled a position at a specialized clinic in San Diego California that emphasized functional anatomy and body mechanic analysis to uncover the underlying conditions that result in discomfort, limitation and pain. With the wealth of knowledge and experience Mike Gee gained through his extensive and broad 25+ year career he started to recognize that the patients he was treating in the clinic could be more effectively treated before they became injured. He confidently founded PRO FIT Ergonomic Solutions with a mission to help employees recognize the role they could play in their own health and safety while supporting the growth and advancement of the companies he worked for.

Mike Gee has gained regional and national recognition with his sincerity, compassion and approaches toward helping companies achieve a pain free work place.