Professional Office Ergonomic Assessment Software Platform

PRO FIT’s Office Ergonomic Suite (OES) includes our flagship software program The Professional Office Ergonomic Assessment and Intervention Software Platform. This software was specifically developed for Safety, Facilities and Ergonomic Professionals to equip them with the most comprehensive and effective office ergonomic assessment and intervention solutions.

Too often, busy EHS, Human Resources or Facilities personnel are given the responsibility for responding to “Office Ergonomic” requests or concerns with little to no training other than general ergonomic guidelines or maybe astute observations from years of experience responding to these cases.   In many cases these escalated requests may take weeks or months to facilitate the resources necessary to help your employee.

PRO FIT Solutions has designed one of the most insightful and comprehensive Train the Trainer Office Ergonomic Courses to prepare and equip your “in-house ergonomic personnel” for responding to Office Ergonomic issues with the assurance and confidence to handle even the toughest cases. The Professional Office Ergonomic Assessment Software Platform supports the Train the Trainer course by offering a systematic approach, to capture the most significant details of the ergonomic assessment and provide the most relevant intervention recommendations.

Our customized and intuitive Risk Assessment Dashboard will offer you a greater snap shot of individual risk areas and allow you to analyze trends for supervisors, departments and locations within your company. Gain the critical advantage by utilizing the data and reports to move toward PRO-Active ergonomic interventions.