Quick F.I.T. Office Ergonomic Assessment Guide Software

PRO FIT Solutions was founded on the belief that employees are the number one asset a company has and from inception, our business was built on the integrity of providing the most cost effective and relevant ergonomic solutions to helping employees and companies succeed.


WARNING: The QUICK F.I.T. Ergonomic Comfort Guide is NOT another run of-the-mill ergonomic assessment. This is valuable tool is unlike anything your employees have experienced before.


The Quick F.I.T. Comfort Guide was designed for companies who value the benefit of providing the most compelling solutions for their employees to feel better, experience less discomfort, be more productive, and who want cost effective results their employees can begin to implement immediately.

We value and respect an employee’s time. This is why The Quick F.I.T. Comfort Guide was designed to assess the most relevant areas of an employees workstation and habits quickly, prioritizing their specific needs or concerns and offer the most effective solutions that enable them to focus their attention on what really matters with an ergonomic assessment; THE SOLUTIONS.

The Quick F.I.T. Comfort Guide Assessment will only take you a few minutes to complete, with specific recommendations that are relevant and easy to for employees to implement immediately. Your employees can return to work inspired with an assurance that they have been given valuable tools for helping themselves

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of the Quick F.I.T. Ergonomic Comfort Assessment Guide. Every component of this quick and simple assessment is supported with the most current medical, rehabilitation and ergonomic research and over 14 years of experience in working with 1000’s of company’s employees desperate for help, and providing solutions that actually address the root causes.

The Quick F.I.T. Ergonomic Comfort Assessment Guide has taken years of research, experience and collaboration from many Health and Safety professionals to become one of the most effective PRO-Active Ergonomic tools used in businesses today.

Profiting from PRO FIT – The Bottom Line PRO FIT Solutions has provided positive return on investment results year after year with the distinctive ergonomic services and programs that the Quick F.I.T. Ergonomic Comfort Guide was established on. Our most recent data pertaining to office ergonomics over 3 consecutive years showed a 75% decrease in worker compensation claims for a national telecommunications call center. Additionally employees reported a 32% increase in comfort over the same 3 year period. Decreased productivity and the likelihood of employees filing worker compensation claims is greatest with employees who have significant discomfort. In a 3 year period PRO FIT Solutions performed over 700 ergonomic workstation assessments and the data collected showed that on average 82% of employees reported moderate to high discomfort while at work. Most significant, Less than 1% of employees who were introduced to PRO FIT actually filed a claim.


The Ergonomic Risk Dashboard

Safety administrators value the intuitive, dashboard and reports with specific and relevant data displayed on the Ergonomic Risk Dashboard that is derived from the Quick F.I.T. Comfort Assessments. The benefit to recognizing and addressing highest priority risk cases quickly and immediately will ensure you are providing the most cost effective PRO-Active solutions to your Safety and Ergonomic needs and ensuring your employees are performing at their peak.

From the Ergonomic Risk Dashboard you will have that ability to recognize trends specific to locations, divisions, departments, supervisors, managers and individual employees. You will know exactly the types of risk and issues that are being reported and be able to respond quickly, applying your own ergonomic protocols or have a PRO FIT Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist perform a more comprehensive assessment, one on one escalated assessment.

Need reports? The QUICK F.I.T. Ergonomic Comfort Guide allows you to customize distinctive reports from the data you have obtained specific to your needs.